7 Sex Sounds To Make To Drive Him Wild With Pleasure!

Moaning, panting, screaming, dirty talk - sex noises can really turn on men more than men really admit. After talking to a lot of men and women about what they like to hear in bed here are the results. If you're new to the dating game and not sure what's the right for you...

20 Adult Dating games for Mature couples (Top Naughty Games)

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Expired Condom – Can you really use them? Everything You need To Know

Wondering What'll Happen If You Use An Expired Condom? Here's What You Need to Know When people go to the pharmacy to buy condoms, They either buy in bulk, or they buy it carelessly. Both of which are bad practices. When was the last time you checked the expiry date on a condom? When was...

How to keep condoms safe and secure – 10 practical steps

Condoms are the most important things a couple needs in a relationship to have a carefree sex life. However many people ignore the risks that can occur if condoms are not kept properly. So here is a guide to help couples keep condoms safe and secure. How can you ensure your condoms remain effective? The recommended...